Tijssen Theatre Productions

Welcome to Tijssen Theatre Productions!

Are you looking for an act for your event, conference, company outing or meeting? Then you have come to the right place at Tijssen Theatre Productions! We provide improvisational theatre shows, custom theatre shows and theatre workshops, and many more activities. You can also book a presenter for your conference with us.

At Tijssen Theatre Productions, the following activities can be booked with an English-language programme:

The Impro Company Improvisational Theatre 

Improvisational theatre is interactive, humorous and surprising! Together with the audience, the improvisational actors will deliver amazing improvised scenes and sketches. A complete improvisational theatre show with three actors and a pianist will provide a varied programme of improvised scenes, in which current themes and topics for your company or organisation are explored. The audience will be actively involved in the improvisational theatre show.

Improvisation workshops are very suitable as a teambuilding- or introductory meeting. In a short period (two hours), different forms of improvisational theatre are taught and presented by the participants to each other. You will see your colleagues in a whole new light and you will work together towards a goal in a different way. Enjoyment and cooperation are central in these workshops.

Check the website of The Impro Company here.

Presenter and Chairman Joost Tijssen

A presenter is the link between the audience and the on-stage activities. The presenter will interactively and energetically provide a clear thread for the programme and will monitor the energy of the audience. Of course, the presenter will enthuse the spectators with the necessary audience interaction!

The content and purpose of the meeting are discussed beforehand to make sure the method of presentation is consistent with the wishes of the client. The presentation can be informative or rather provide light-hearted interludes. The manner of presentation will be matched to the audience present and to the purpose of the meeting.

Check the website of Joost Tijssen here

Feel free to contact us for more information about booking a presenter for your meeting or an improvisational theatre show.